WP Weekly 01 / Geeky Deep Dive

Welcome to this new journey of getting good WordPress bits every week. In the first edition of The WordPress Weekly, let’s do a geeky deep dive into specific aspects of your WordPress website (and know a little more).

Let’s have a finer look 💭

  1. Every WordPress website is powered by a database. Here is your database deep dive to learn more about the actual contents of the database aka tables, indexing, migration, and security.
  2. Does the concept of Custom Fields in WordPress scare you? Well, here is your custom fields deep dive to learn about custom fields, where to use them, and associated tools.
  3. Letting WordPress handle emails can be an un-reliable proposition. Here is how you can use free Gmail SMTP and other Free SMTP servers for more reliable emailing set up on WordPress.

Blocks & Page Builders 💨

  1. If you happen to use Elementor or Beaver Builder in your web agency, then check out new page builds service from GoWP. Unlimited page building for a fixed monthly price.
  2. Gutenberg blocks addons ecosystem is now expanding very fast. Here are top block editor plugins to consider along with listing other noteworthy Gutenberg Block Editor plugins.

Quick Bits 👍

It’s a wrap, feel free to share this with your geeky WordPress friends. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, use social profiles or the contact page to connect.

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