WP Weekly 08 / Good Learn

Learning should never stop and in the generous WordPress community, there are a lot of resources to learn. Let’s begin with courses collection and tutorial for learning which is free and useful. Plus, the other WordPress buzz along with some fun and new blocks stuff on the horizon.

Good, Useful, & Free πŸŽ‰

  • Check the all-new collection of free courses at Gravity Guide website. Courses focus on custom functionality implementation using various add-ons of the Gravity Forms plugin.
  • Use the free Algolia account for creating a search box with autocomplete search results. Check this guide by Anh Tran for this advanced search box implementation.
  • New Display Environment Type plugin prominently display if the website is in staging, development, or production mode. One of the first few plugins to use new wp_get_environment_type() function.

Extended WordPress Buzz πŸ”₯

  1. Some WordPress Fun… is going on Twitter with Change A Letter Ruin A Plugin hashtag, resulting in plugin names like Toast SEO, Pail Membership Pro, JetBack, Jello Dolly, Really Pimple SSL, TankMath, PooCommerce, Gravity Worms and more.
  2. A new WordPress… site management service Siterack by Landon Roddenberry is making a positive buzz. At $5 per month per website, it promises automated WP management with safe-updates, malware scans and removal, error detection, backups and more.
  3. Blocks Life… Greg Rickaby shared experimental blocks based theme supporting full site editing. Blocks dev focus, check the improved server-side rendering of blocks by David Gwyer and tutorial by Eric Karkovack to create custom color pallete for gutenberg editor.
  4. Blocks Goodness… direct copy and paste of block styles feature added to Editor Plus Plugin. Did you know, you can paste markdown text directly in blocks editor. And, the post blocks in a handy plugin for displaying posts in different formats.

Quick Bits πŸ‘

  • Read this if WooCommerce 4.4.0 & WP Rocket resulting in error.
  • WP Downgrade is a handy plugin for reverting to old WP version.
  • New Anio Blocks plugin is now available for Gutenberg users.
  • Yoast has added Schema tab for per post schema change.
  • Affiliate WP plugin getting a price hike from Sept 01, 2020.
  • Security: Update immediately if you use any of these plugins.
  • Headless WordPress & making your own WP API endpoints.
  • WordPress to continue support for PHP 5.6 for a little longer.
  • WP iOS app missing updates, 30% fee issue & now resolved.

[Re-Learning] Drag N Drop Blocks ❐

So, how do you move (aka drag and drop) blocks in the new WordPress editor? Well, you need to get hold of the up and down arrow buttons, and then drag (a mystery but now solved). Here are three ways you can move blocks in the new blocks editor UI. Time to learn it all – right?

Trending Deals πŸš€

Upcoming Events πŸ’¬

Nov 01, 2021: The WP Awards 2021 for discovering the best in WordPress.
Nov 04, 2021: Summit 2021 digital breakthrough conference by WPEngine.
Nov 27, 2021: WordCamp SΓ£o Paulo will be online only and free.
Dec 11, 2021: WordCamp Taiwan is also online only and free.

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