WP Weekly 102 – Upset

A lot of people are upset in their offline life as a result of the recent turn of events. WordPress life does not seem to be different, be it Matt Mullenweg going on a marathon of tweets and causing commotion or Oxygen Builder users left gasping for oxygen as the founder announced a new page builder! On a positive note, also included in this issue is the usual goodness of new launches and product updates.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • New Launches… Ben Townsend has launched the unofficial WordPress Directory featuring user-submitted content like plugins and more. Listing is free for free plugins and a one-time fee for paid or freemium plugins. Also, Ronald Huereca has launched QuotesDLX plugin that lets you create beautiful and shareable quotes in the Block Editor (Launch deal ‘extreme lifetime’ available for $45).
  • For Elementor Users… Qi Addons for Elementor has launched the premium version with 40+ creative widgets for Elementor sites. Also, check a new free Speed Booster plugin by the WPPOOL team for Elementor website optimization. Finally, two more new free plugins, Thim Elementor Kit with header footer builder and Ultimate Member Widgets to display member info without any code.
  • Product Updates… Stackable block plugin now integrates with MetaBox plugin allowing easy display of custom data from MetaBox custom fields on your stackable builder powered pages. Also, now MetaBox integrates with Elementor, check these walk-through videos for the settings page and the cloneable fields.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. Gasping for Oxygen… was the reaction of a lot of Oxygen builder users this week! The founder, Louis Reingold announced a new page builder called Breakdance which will target less code-focused users like that of Elementor, while Oxygen will continue to be a developer focussed. From the oxygen community, here are Jonathan Jernigan and Sridhar Katakam if they will continue with Oxygen or not. Watch fiery Video Q&A with the founder.
  2. Acquisition Train… is back with some new action. WP Charitable, a donation, and fundraising WordPress plugin has been acquired by Syed Balkhi’s Awesome Motive. I won’t be surprised if they revamp and polish it to make it ‘more’ ready to challenge the donations niche leader, the GiveWP plugin.
  3. Creative Blocks Life… the Museum of Block Art is now open for contributions or you can just browse cool block-based creations. Also, Mike McAlister from the WPEngine team shared a proof of concept developer tool that promises to make the process of building full-site editing themes faster and easier to manage.
  4. Core Blocks Life… the all-new and the official Gutenberg landing page is now live, it has been in the works for some time now. The Gutenberg 13.5 update has added new enhancements to the UX when using featured images and more design tools for the post navigation link.
  5. Got To Think… Is the web turning away from WordPress? David Large highlighted this and why are big businesses turning away from WordPress. And, focussing on one of those talking points, Matt Cromwell digs into possible answers to reduce the disparity between what WordPress is building and what we want it to be!

Quick Bits 👍

Super WP Buzz on Twitter, courtesy Matt Mullenweg!

GD Stands for… GoDaddy, and it is an ‘existential threat’ to WordPress. That is what Matt Mullenweg explained in his marathon tweets while he was recovering from fever. A few of those tweets were deleted but Sarah Gooding had screenshots of those tweets in the coverage of this crisis topic. Rob Howard at MasterWP also wrote on this ‘inflammatory’ buzz along with screenshots of tweet responses. Never a dull moment in the WordPress world!

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Upcoming Events 💬

March 07, 2024: WordCamp Asia 2024 at Taiwan - I will be there!
March 19, 2024: WP Engine's Decode 2024 online conference.
September 23, 2024: Digital Asset Congress 2024 in Iceland.

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