WP Weekly 109 – Everyone

This issue of WP Weekly is packed, and there is something for everyone. Be it for agency owners looking for easier bulk website management with Atarim and MainWP combo, learning ‘pros and cons’ feature in reviews for SEO goodness, big updates to Elementor, Pods, and Bricks Builder. And, a lot of stuff for the block editor users plus a little drama – why not!

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • Managing Websites… the 20i Hosting has launched a new in-house WordPress Manager Tool that makes bulk management of multiple websites easy from one universal dashboard. Also, MainWP now fully integrates with Atarim allowing easy management of websites and visual collaboration for website changes.
  • Product Updates… MailOptin has added the cookie targeting feature allowing you to display or hide specific campaigns based on the browser cookies. Also, Divi keeps adding goodness; the latest one for Divi users is the all-new Divi Theme Builder Library that comes with the Divi cloud storage feature.
  • New Things to Learn… Google now allows adding “pros and cons” to product review – see how you can setup that with the RankMath SEO plugin and get more real estate on the search results page. Also, do you want to sell on Walmart Marketplace with a WooCommerce store? Bradley Taylor explains how this can be implemented.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. Big Free Releases… the free version of Elementor had an important 3.7.0 release that allows the user language in the Elementor editor regardless of the website’s language, among a lot of other enhancements. Also, the much-awaited Pods 2.9 is now available with features like simple repeatable fields and WPGraphQL support.
  2. More Releases… Wordfence has launched Wordfence Intelligence making available IP threat data, malware signatures, and vulnerability database to enterprise customers. Also, Bricks Builder had a big version 1.5 release with features like nestable elements, media query loop, infinite scroll, and 150+ other changes.
  3. Blocks Dev Life… more examples have been added for the WordPress/blocks package on the official block editor handbook website. Also, there is a proposal to stop merging experimental APIs from Gutenberg to the WordPress core.
  4. Membership Plugins… WishList Member has updated the WooCommerce integration, and now the sky is the limit – even creating an Amazon Prime like membership! While MemberPress now has new and improved official Zapier integration to do way more by connecting with various services.
  5. WP Talkies… Matt Mullenweg’s comment, “This is not a good use of time…”, gave all the talking points this week, with a few seeing positive and a lot seeing negative in this. Brian Coords tweeted and got a lot of reactions. Also, Cameron Jones explained why the ‘Five For The Future’ program needs a serious change before the toxicity it’s breeding turns people away from WordPress.
  6. WordCamps Action… first batch of tickets for WordCamp Asia 2023 sold out within a few hours; check the roadmap page to know when the next batch of tickets is available. And, if you cannot attend WordCamp US 2022, then bookmark this page to watch the event live stream. Also, if you are new to WordCamp(s), then check this newcomer’s guide from Jonathan Wold – very helpful!

Quick Bits 👍

  • Rebooted: The Pro Toolbox is back with new design & content!
  • A new social follow buttons block added to NovaShare plugin.
  • Video Pick: Imran’s 1+ hour tutorial for using Bricks Builder.
  • Try This: Here is how to create your first app with Gutenberg data.
  • Development of the 2023 default WordPress theme has started.
  • Now available is the WordPress on Microsoft’s Azure App Service.
  • See what is new in PHP 8.2 scheduled for Nov 22, 2022 release.

New WP Plugins for your attention! ✅

Starting with a new plugin that converts classic editor posts to blocks! Also noticed these two utility plugins: this one adds ID column to the dashboard, and this one adds a specific prefix to every newly uploaded file to your website. Finally, I came across this new LMS plugin called CoSchool, looks feature rich off the blocks!

Plugin milestones, Gaurav Tiwari’s plugin ‘Dynamic Month & Year into Posts’ has crossed 3K active installs. While, Gobinda Tarafdar celebrated 1K+ install milestone of the Custom CSS for Elementor plugin.

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Upcoming Events 💬

March 07, 2024: WordCamp Asia 2024 at Taiwan - I will be there!
March 19, 2024: WP Engine's Decode 2024 online conference.
September 23, 2024: Digital Asset Congress 2024 in Iceland.

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