WP Weekly 13 – New & Official 2021

Finally, we know how new and official 2021 WordPress theme will look. The next version of WordPress 5.6 will come with the new default theme “Twenty Twenty-One”. As expected, it makes the best use of the blocks editor. Technically, this theme is a modified version of the base Seedlet theme.

What’s Buzzing in WordPress πŸ’–

  • Quirky & New… should get a mention for sure. WP Notices by Ronald Huereca reports about WordPress things in a snarky, satirical, and fun way. While Ben Townsend has launched a WordPress Deals site to help you save some money.
  • Investigate WP… how long does it take when a plugin update is released and auto-update is available on your website? Chris Hardie investigates for this time period. Also, how to find which plugins a website is using? Well, here are a few ways and tools for digging.
  • Plugins Focus… all-new Google Web Stories plugin is now available in WordPress repository for your visual story telling (aka Instagram like stories). Also, check disable media sizes plugin – useful to keep a check on image-intensive websites. Lastly, Block Visibility plugin to control which blocks are visible on your website (interesting?).

Extended WordPress Buzz πŸ”₯

  1. Blocks Life… checkout Gutenberg landing templates library by Munir Kamal. A detailed tutorial by Sridhar on creating custom Gutenberg block using the power of ACF Pro plugin. Also, creating a Gutenberg like color picker with ACF by Matt Whiteley.
  2. WordPress in numbers… an average WordPress version is downloaded approximately 47 million times, this infographic displays and explains more. And, WordPress Web hosting survey for 2020 has my favorite Siteground ruling the charts.
  3. Tutorials Bliss… full set of code snippets by Jeff Starr to customize the new WordPress sitemap feature. Is there a way to use Gutenberg as the improved classic editor version? Check this tutorial explaining on this possible route for you.

Quick Bits πŸ‘

[Comparing] Free Contact Form Plugins ⚑

Check this simple excel sheet giving a quick overview of the free version of popular Contact Form plugins. Good to see my go-to contact forms solution, Fluent Forms doing really well in the comparison. Sometimes, it is refreshing to see such quick and basic comparison as against mega posts. via Mike from Supadezign.

Trending Deals πŸš€

Upcoming Events πŸ’¬

Nov 01, 2021: The WP Awards 2021 for discovering the best in WordPress.
Nov 04, 2021: Summit 2021 digital breakthrough conference by WPEngine.
Nov 27, 2021: WordCamp SΓ£o Paulo will be online only and free.
Dec 11, 2021: WordCamp Taiwan is also online only and free.

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