WP Weekly 32 – SaaS & Grow

As expected, WordPress has finally crossed 40% market share, and the juggernaut is going to continue. This growth trajectory has also accelerated the SaaS market of tools that integrate with WordPress. Be it WPFeedback plugin rebranding into a new SaaS platform or Godaddy launching all-new ‘the Hub’, all covered in this issue.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress πŸ’–

  • Massive Buzz… for the new Elementor pricing plans as evident from 250+ comments on the blog post and over 1300+ comments on the Facebook thread. New prices apply only to new users with a focus on better support via Live Chat and 100+ website kits (soon). Matt Medeiros explained further by comparing Elementor with Webflow.
  • Blocks Life… Gutenberg 9.9 update added custom colour for social icons, redesigned preferences area, and text-only labels. Yoast SEO plugin 15.8 update added a free block for displaying breadcrumbs (no code needed). And, a blocks refresher with a roundup of 6 important block editor updates (so far).
  • WordPress On Air… Matt Mullenweg shares about the desire to be less controversial on Twitter, 1400+ Automattic employees, and the synergy between ORG & DOT WordPress worlds. While Bob Dunn did a reunion chat with the original WooCommerce founders: Adii Pienaar, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester.

Extended WordPress Buzz πŸ”₯

  1. Core Updates… challenges and changes needed to make WordPress releases easier like more seasoned core developers, better testing, and philosophy shift. After a year-long work, WordPress Docs team has finished moving all the Code reference documentation from Codex to Developer’s docs, as shared by Milana Cap.
  2. The Ecosystem… WordPress VIP has acquired analytics platform Parsely and Matt shared ‘nostalgic’ first comment on his website by the Parsely co-founder, Andrew Montalenti. While, WP Engine is heading on the interest path of headless WordPress (what’s that?).
  3. Dev Focus… how a GraphQL schema that exposes data from WordPress which does not need to match 1 to 1 with the WordPress data model. Also, now available is completely rewritten and new Gatsby’s integration for WordPress.

Quick Bits πŸ‘

  • Copy & paste Block styles in Stackable, works on native blocks.
  • New coupon feature for payments in Fluent Forms is handy.
  • PowerPack Instagram widget for Elementor updated for new API.
  • Divi builder has launched a new global colour system feature.
  • Pods 2.8 Beta 1 available now, a massive update in the making.
  • Yoast SEO crossed 300 million downloads, as shared by Joost.
  • WooCommerce 5.0 released with core & admin improvements.
  • Running a business in WP space, takeaways from this report.

[SaaS Path] Tools for WordPress Goodness ⚑

Many online tools make the WordPress website use richer and profitable (like ConvertBox being my top favourite). Starting as a feedback plugin, WP Feedback has now rebranded into a full SaaS platform called Atarim (means website in Hebrew) with expanded features. While GoDaddy Pro has newly launched ‘the Hub’ with tools that help web professionals manage websites and clients easily.

Trending Deals πŸš€

Upcoming Events πŸ’¬

Nov 01, 2021: The WP Awards 2021 for discovering the best in WordPress.
Nov 04, 2021: Summit 2021 digital breakthrough conference by WPEngine.
Nov 27, 2021: WordCamp SΓ£o Paulo will be online only and free.
Dec 11, 2021: WordCamp Taiwan is also online only and free.

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