WP Weekly 38 – Catching Up

There is a lot of WordPress goodness for catching up this week. From finer changes like easier ‘call to action’ placements, big performance bump for LearnDash to options for soon to be retired Caldera forms plugin, another new WordPress podcast, and easy classic editor to blocks editor conversion.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress πŸ’–

  • Easy Call to actions… within post text content with a new filter in the Astra Pro theme to show CTA box or any content after a specified number of paragraph blocks. This feature was added to Blocksy Premium theme sometime back in the 1.7.55 version.
  • New Updates… Display random image from selected images with the new random image widget in the Powerpack plugin for Elementor users. LearnDash for WordPress courses has a new performance update resulting in 96% resource savings. Like with 10 active users, from 5,150 queries count down to just 190!
  • A Big Surprise… with MetaBox offering a lifetime deal from $49 onwards. If you already use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) for custom data handling, then MetaBox should also appeal to you. Read comments here about what others have to say for Metabox.

Extended WordPress Buzz πŸ”₯

  1. In the News… Caldera Forms is retiring end of 2021, and users will have the option to transition to Ninja Forms (an auto conversion plugin from Caldera to Ninja is in the works). Expanding options for existing Caldera users, Fluent Forms is offering Caldera migration discount of up to 90% off.
  2. Core Ecosystem… Jukebox is the new (official) podcast at WP Tavern hosted by Nathan Wrigley with the first episode focussing on the past, present, and future of WordPress. And the varying point of views (see comments) to the new private slack channel for full time sponsored WordPress contributors.
  3. Blocks Life… the team at 10up has released a new convert to blocks plugin that automatically converts classic editor content to the new blocks editor. The popular editor plus plugin for block editor users by Munir Kamal has been acquired by Extendify.
  4. Better Woo… giving parity pricing an easier twist by automatically changing WooCommerce product pricing based on different countries. A new checkout solution for WooCommerce & Shopify users, inline checkout comes with upselling management, cart recovery, translations, and more.
  5. New Builder… called Bricks Builder is getting a lot of attention. It is a theme that has a builder which can build pages, and even dynamic templates like single post layouts, header, and more. Paul from WPTuts did a walk through and rightly pointed, it looks good from the point of view it still being a version 1.0 product.

Quick Bits πŸ‘

  • Freebie: User Profiles Worksheet to plan priority website content.
  • Understanding the concept of mobile parity & audit for websites.
  • WordPress support for IE11 to be dropped in 5.8 or 5.9 versions.
  • WordPress 5.7.1 maintenance release scheduled for Apr 14, 2021.
  • WordCamp Europe 2021 will happen on Jun 7, 2021 (online event).
  • Webdevstudios team contributed Mar 26 day to WordPress core.

[Creator Insights] $50 vs $999 Lifetime Deal πŸ’­

Justin Ferriman was approached to do a $50 lifetime deal for the LearnDash plugin (for courses on WordPress). Instead, he declined and experimented with $999 lifetime deal, and sales were on fire. As a creator, offering a lifetime deal can be a regretful decision in the long run but doing it at a higher price point can certainly make this path easier, happier, and profitable. What say?

Trending Deals πŸš€

Upcoming Events πŸ’¬

Nov 01, 2021: The WP Awards 2021 for discovering the best in WordPress.
Nov 04, 2021: Summit 2021 digital breakthrough conference by WPEngine.
Nov 27, 2021: WordCamp SΓ£o Paulo will be online only and free.
Dec 11, 2021: WordCamp Taiwan is also online only and free.

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