WP Weekly 41 – Not Skipped

An advantage of a BIG community like WordPress, nothing gets skipped! Be it upcoming Google FLoC being viewed as a security concern to a new online tool like PlugStat, or a new way of providing product support via Zoom call, WIX drama follow-up, and more WordPress goodness covered in this issue.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress πŸ’–

  • Got Noticed… PlugStat is a new search tool from Shahjahan Jewel of Fluent Forms that allows you to see total downloads and active installation stats of any WordPress author username, like Yoast has 343.04 M+ all-time downloads so far!
  • Fad or Trend… of providing WordPress product support via Zoom video call? Well, that is what Crocoblock team is experimenting with for its customers and it does seem to work. Let’s see, if we can see more WordPress products follow this?
  • Product Updates… Toolset Blocks 1.5 update has added integration for popular themes like Kadence, Page Builder Framework, and OceanWP for various options. While, the Ultimate Dashboard plugin introduced all new admin bar editor feature that allows you to add, remove, and rearrange admin bar items.

Extended WordPress Buzz πŸ”₯

  1. Full Site Editing… is all set to be introduced in WordPress 5.8, scheduled for July 2021. This will come with new blocks: query, site logo, and navigation. Also, it will include a template editor for pages along with design tools for finer padding and layout controls.
  2. WordPress Ecosystem… Wix’s CEO, Avishai Abrahami replied to WordPress’s Matt Mullenweg in another open letter asking, “Why are you so angry?” Talking numbers, WordPress market share is keeping up with its amazing progress touching 41.1% as of Apr 18, 2021.
  3. It’s New… The first episode of the new podcast ‘The WP Minute’ by Matt Medeiros is here, and I (Davinder) got blamed for it (in a good way!). The popular caching plugin WP Rocket has been acquired by Group One (known for web hosting service) and will continue to operate as an independent brand.
  4. Blocks Life… a stepwise guide for creating custom collections with Genesis blocks plugin. The new Gutenberg 10.4 release added new features like blocks in the customizer, enhancements in the site editor and rich text block placeholders.
  5. Dev Focus… understanding how worth it is using GraphQL in WordPress and how different it is coding for GraphQL and for the WP REST API. Also, using WP_DEBUG_LOG constant for turning on the WordPress debug log for troubleshooting website problems.

Quick Bits πŸ‘

  • Dark mode added new styles of switch buttons and effects.
  • RankMath 2.6.0 improved FAQ Schema and HowTo schema.
  • Track javascript errors with LH Javascript Error log plugin.
  • Free Elementor addon & more plugins from Qode team.
  • Malwatch is a new malware scanning system from Pagely.
  • WordPress 5.7.1 is available, security & maintenance release.

[Making Sense] Cookies OR Google FLoC πŸ€–

Google is currently testing (FLoC) “Federated Learning of Cohorts” as a replacement for third party cookies. A section of users is not impressed with this upcoming technology change. Disable FLoC plugin is a handy solution for WordPress users wanting to opt-out of FLoC. And not surprisingly, there is already a proposal to treat FLoC as a security concern.

Trending Deals πŸš€

Upcoming Events πŸ’¬

Nov 01, 2021: The WP Awards 2021 for discovering the best in WordPress.
Nov 04, 2021: Summit 2021 digital breakthrough conference by WPEngine.
Nov 27, 2021: WordCamp SΓ£o Paulo will be online only and free.
Dec 11, 2021: WordCamp Taiwan is also online only and free.

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