WP Weekly 67 – Prefer

In a recent ‘Web Designer Survey’, two-thirds of web designers prefer the WordPress platform, why not! Also included in this issue: big new release of Stackable, what’s coming in the next WordPress 5.9 release, video service for WordPress, and it is 1M+ for RankMath SEO plugin.

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Results: Winners of ShopEngine for Elementor lifetime license.

What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • Get Holiday Ready… your elementor website with all new fun and holiday focused widgets from the Ultimate Elementor addon team, like welcome music, christmas trees and halloween shapes dividers, party propz extension, and more.
  • Power to Blocks… Stackable, an addon for the block editor got a big update with version 3.0 release. This includes smoother workflow with new blocks and settings, better SEO performance, more advanced responsive controls, and dynamic content functionality.
  • Dev Focus… Kirki, the framework for WordPress customizer, version 4 beta is now available – as shared by David Vongries, the creator of page builder framework theme. Also, here is a detailed guide on using the popover component in the block editor to display content in a tooltip type of a popup.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. WP Core… these features are getting go ahead for inclusion in the next WordPress 5.9 release: default 2022 block theme, navigation block, design tools, styles interface, and performance improvements. Also, faster WordPress is good for everyone and now there is a proposal for an official performance team focussing on increasing the performance (speed) of WordPress.
  2. Video Bliss… the VideoPress service from Automattic got a big refreshed launch promising to be “finest video service for WordPress”. Besides the new video player, the private video option is handy for customers-only video content. As of now, this requires Jetpack plugin with 1GB limit. A good alternative to Vimeo provided they add more storage options.
  3. Milestones… one of the fastest growing SEO plugin, RankMath has achieved an impressive 1 Million+ active installs milestone rather quickly, congrats to the team and users! Also, adopted an year back – Brandon Ernst sheds light on improvements and features added to the Domain Mapping System plugin.
  4. WP Ecosystem… Jeff at WPMainline has launched a display advertisement option in the form of custom designed boxcar banners – creative for sure! Also, the WordPress Global Community Sponsorship program will not include funding for WordCamps in 2022 due to the continued unpredictability of hosting in-person events.

Quick Bits 👍

  • TODAY: Don’t miss the Page Builder Summit event (Oct 18, 2021).
  • WP Social Ninja 3.0.4 – more styling option for Elementor widgets.
  • Gutenberg 11.7 release with navigation editor advances.
  • WooCommerce 5.8 is now available with a few changes.
  • Curious: Will customizer vanish when block theme is active?
  • Offering lifetime deals, yes or no? Insights from Justin Ferriman.
  • See how Wordfence team is supporting education in Uganda.

Insights: Web Designer Survey says this…

Over two-thirds of web designers prefer WordPress platforms, 87% of web designers underestimate the cost of web design, and 43% of web designers produce content in the forms of blogs, podcasts, and so on. These are a few interesting findings of the Web Designer Survey at 20i – go deep dive!

Upcoming Events 💬

July 11, 2024: WordCamp Canada 2024 in Ottawa, ON Canada.
July 19, 2024: Stellar Spark free online event for WP people.
September 17, 2024: WordCamp US 2024 in Portland, Oregon.
September 23, 2024: Digital Asset Congress 2024 in Iceland.
October 09, 2024: WordPress Accessibility Day 2024, online event.

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