WP Weekly 80 – Numbers

Interesting insights in trying to understand the number play of 5-star reviews of WP plugins and WordPress website care dominance of monthly plans with $25-$100 range. The first big updates of 2022 for Newsletter Glue, Fluent Forms, and BuddyPress. Also, a slew of online events coming soon for WordPress people.

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Last Week: Contest to win FooGallery PRO plugin licenses.

What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • Digging Numbers… making sense of 5 star reviews of WordPress plugins, how organic and in-organic are those numbers. A little deep dive by Raitis Sevelis makes for interesting reading. Also, here are the results of Web Care Survey of 2021. So, the monthly charge is the most preferred way with $25-100 per month price range!
  • Blocks Life… check this new social sharing block plugin by Nick Diego – for sure practical and useful with a bunch of button variations for matching your layout. Also, here is a look at a few scenarios where blocks can help replace custom coding for faster development.
  • Being Resourceful… check this neatly organized listing of tools and plugins that work with static headless WordPress sites. Also, coming soon is a new podcast called No Filter hosted by Justin Ferriman and Ross Johnson for WordPress conversation backed by proven success.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. Next Events… check the GroundHogg Day event happening on Feb 02, 2022 – featuring 15 speakers sharing tools and strategies to help you launch, grow and scale your business. For your immediate attention, the registration is open for WordFest Live event scheduled for Mar 04, 2022. Also, Michelle Frechette shared about the first ever WP Career Summit event scheduled for Apr 08, 2022.
  2. Product Updates… Fluent Forms has added one click migrator feature for users wanting to migrate from other form plugins, plus other additions like Discord integration, hCaptcha in the first update of 2022. Newsletter Glue released a new 2.0v with new admin settings user interface along with updated templates and styles.
  3. Beyond Core… custom tables for orders is coming to WooCommerce with a focus on scalability, simplicity, and reliability. Here is how the proposed table structure would look with initial implementation scheduled for completion by early Q3 2022. Also, BuddyPress’s first major release of 2022 is now available for more control over website membership requests and better engagement.

Quick Bits 👍

The next big WordPress 5.9 release, almost here!

WordPress 5.9 version, the first big release of 2022 is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022. WordPress 5.9 would bring in the next evolution of FSE (full site editing), and a lot of other changes to the block editor. Check the WP 5.9 field guide or this blog post by Ben Ritner for a quick overview of everything new and coming! Or check this video by Adam from WPCrafter for a visual overview.

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Upcoming Events 💬

Oct 03, 2022: Future of Contributing to WP, this event will feature Josepha Haden (WordPress Executive Director), Abha Thakor, and me (Davinder).
Oct 10, 2022: The WP Awards 2022 voting starts for all.
Oct 11, 2022: WooSesh virtual conference for WooCommerce user.
Nov 10, 2022: Agency Transformation Live, an in-person event in the UK.

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