WP Weekly 83 – Cool Blocks

If you are into block-based templating, then let’s make block layouts cool with the fancy animations via Lottie files and with a nice bunch of wavy dividers. Also, a look at a new option for custom data handling in WordPress, content richness powered by an AI content generator, and what all WP geekiness was implemented in the new website for ‘The White House’.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • New Plugins… made by Alec Rust, protected video allows you to embed Youtube video in a way that prevents users from accessing the original video. A good use case can be for premium content videos of your online course. Also, Bertha AI – the artificial Intelligence power for your content creation is now available as a free plugin in the WordPress repository for a quick kickstart.
  • Fancy Blocks… if your block layouts are looking too simple, well time to make them fancy as Lottie Animations is now available for fancy animations in the free Kadence block plugin with a lot of options to control the animation behavior. Also, there is a Wavy Divider plugin by Kevin Batdorf to add cool looking dividers in your block layouts with a lot of settings for fine tuning different shape dividers.
  • Products In Focus… Thrive Suite price is going up in a couple of days (on Feb 16, 2022) from the current $228 yearly to $299 yearly. This is the last chance to get Thrive Suite at the lowest price featuring thrive builder and other plugins. Sometimes we all need a reminder, in case you did not know Sensei is a free LMS plugin from the Automattic team for creating and selling online courses – thanks to Mayank Gupta for the reminder!

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. Talking Heads… how Diverse is the WordPress space featuring people from all walks of life? WordCamp Europe team was called out for the lack of diversity and they explained how they address the diversity aspect. Even you can participate and share your views as Angela Jin has created a discussion thread to learn about more experiences on this topic.
  2. For Custom Data… handling involving registering of custom post type(s) and adding custom fields, there are two popular options – using the Pods plugin or a combination of CPT UI and ACF plugins. Can the new ACPT plugin be another worthy option moving forward for this use case? Paul made the first look video of this new plugin, still in the early stages of development.
  3. Cool Viewing… Jamie Marsland’s two daughters try to create a page, one using Elementor and the other using Gutenberg block editor – see who wins in creating the awesomeness on WordPress! And, sticking to the topic of page builders – Matt Medeiros explains why the future of page builders is Gutenberg itself, agree?

Quick Bits 👍

  • Orderable free added today & tomorrow date options.
  • An easy to understand guide on the full site editing usage.
  • Love WordPress? Here are 14 reasons to (still) love WP!
  • Chrome extension to bookmark favorite WP photos.
  • Don’t forget to register (free) for the WordFest Live event.
  • Call for speakers for The Web Agency Summit 2022 is open.
  • Take Note: Emojis in page title don’t help or hurt the SEO!

A powerful Website powered by WordPress!

The official website of ‘The White House’ is powered by WordPress. The team at 10up implemented a visual block-based editing experience with a similar look in the back-end and the front-end. A lot to learn from this behind the scene details from the 10up team regarding the workflow involved in creating this website with the front-end first approach.

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May 16, 2022: GenerateWay, with Tom Usborne of GenerateBlocks.
Jun 20, 2022: 4th edition of the Page Builder Summit is here.

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