WP Weekly 84 – Planning

Months roll-on rather quickly in no time and the planning for the next big release of WordPress 6.0 has already started. Also included in this issue are a bunch of cool plugins, a new way to tame notifications in your WordPress dashboard, and a WordPress show running for 8 years without a single break!

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • Plugins Watch… view your database tables and contents right within the WordPress dashboard with the new SQL Buddy plugin. David McCan wrote a detailed walk through of this plugin for curious minds. Also, Sridhar brought to attention the Distributor plugin by the 10up team that allows sharing of content (and reuse) between WordPress websites – interesting for sure!
  • Tame your Dashboard… from annoying ads and banners with new Clarity ad blocker plugin for WordPress users. This was announced by Stanislav Khromov over at Twitter. A welcome addition, which hopefully should culminate into an official solution for centralized notifications management like WP Notify Status – which has been in the works for some time now.
  • Ramblings on Twitter… is GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) growth faster in the WooCommerce ecosystem when compared to Shopify? Matt Mullenweg shared this while responding to a thread by Moiz Ali highlighting Shopify stock tumble by 50%. Also, now that Facebook employees are now ‘Metamates’, does that translate Automattic to Mattsmates – creative stretching by Alex Standiford.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. WP Ecosystem… all new look of WordPress news page is now live with bold colors, new typefaces, and white space focussed formatting. Also, Plesk has chosen Patchstack as the partner security service for vulnerability detection and protection of WordPress websites on their platform.
  2. Core Updates… WordPress 5.9.1 release candidate 1 (RC1) is available for your testing. This update feature 33 bug fixes for the core and 52 bug fixes for the block editor. Also, WooCommerce 6.3 beta 1 is available for testing – which was followed by the release of WooCommerce Blocks 7.0.0 version.
  3. Blocks Life… new Gutenberg 12.6 plugin update added a lot of new things like new read more, post author block, and text labels for social icons block. Also, this update makes it possible to retain styles when transforming from one block type to another.

Quick Bits 👍

The Next WordPress: Version 6.0 Planning

The second big release of 2022, version 6.0 is scheduled for release on May 24, 2022. The full proposed schedule is now available with the first beta release scheduled for April 12, 2022. If you are interested in being part of this release, time to pitch your name for open roles that need volunteer support.

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Upcoming Events 💬

Oct 03, 2022: Future of Contributing to WP, this event will feature Josepha Haden (WordPress Executive Director), Abha Thakor, and me (Davinder).
Oct 10, 2022: The WP Awards 2022 voting starts for all.
Oct 11, 2022: WooSesh virtual conference for WooCommerce user.
Nov 10, 2022: Agency Transformation Live, an in-person event in the UK.

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