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30 May 2024LowFruits - Benjamin Rojas from All in One SEO, which is part of Syed Balki's WPBeginner growth fund, has acquired LowFruits, a keyword research tool designed to boost SEO.Acquisitions
30 May 2024Hostinger - In 2023, Hostinger's consolidated revenue increased by 57% year-over-year to €110.2 million and achieved 1st year of EBITDA profitability, reaching € 2.4 million.Revenue
27 May 2024GutenKit Pro - The team at Wpmet has launched the GutenKit Pro version with enhanced features, functionality, and block templates.Launches
22 May 2024WP Engine - WP Engine Hosting has introduced a new brand identity with a new Look website. The team also shared the behind the scenes of this brand refresh.Branding
21 May 2024Webglobe - The team at group .one has signed an agreement to acquire Webglobe web hosting and cloud services from Igor Strečko and Sandberg Capital.Acquisitions
09 May 2024Growmatik - Convesio, a managed hosting provider for WordPress, has acquired Growmatik platform for marketing automation for WordPress and WooCommerce users.Acquisitions
08 May 2024LearnDash Addons - StellarWP group, owner of LearnDash, has acquired LearnDash addons from WisdmLabs, like group registration, ratings, content cloner.Acquisitions
03 May 2024KryptoniteWP - Florian Dee has sold KryptoniteWP brand, featuring a collection of WordPress Plugins, to focus on other projects in the WordPress space.
02 May 2024Envato - Popular among WordPress users for themes, plugins, and design elements - Envato has been acquired by Shutterstock for USD$245 million price tag.Acquisitions
01 May 2024Future of Team - James Giroux has rebranded the TeamWP project and re-launched it as Future of Team. Also, Remkus de Vries has joined this project as a co-founder.Branding
30 Apr 2024AccessAlly - The team at Caseproof led by Blair Williams has acquired AccessAlly and PopupAlly. It will be a part of Syed Balkhi’s WPBeginner Growth Fund.Acquisitions
30 Apr 2024WPShout - CodeinWP and WPShout websites have been merged together, will be called WPShout moving forward as a hub for powerful WordPress content.Branding
26 Apr 2024Hyve AI Chatbot - Themeisle has launched OpenAI powered Hyve AI Chatbot for WordPress that trains on your existing content to respond to inquiries and providing answers.Launches
18 Mar 2024Elementor Static Hosting - Automatically serve your Elementor made website in a static version with Elementor Static Hosting for more speed, scalability, and security.Launches
10 Jan 2024Image Optimizer Plugin - The team at Elementor has launched Image Optimizer that reduces image size through various compression and resizing techniques.Launches
19 Apr 2024Product Feed Pro - AdTribes known for the Product Feed Pro plugin for WooCommerce is joining Rymera Web Co family of WooCommerce solutions ecosystem.
11 Apr 2024Gravity SMTP - Fix email sending when using Gravity Forms with new Gravity SMTP that allows you to connect forms to secure and reliable SMTP providers of your choice.Launches
09 Apr 2024WooCommerce - In October 2023, WooCommerce .com migrated to Woo .com domain. Now they are migration Woo .com back to WooCommerce .com domain.Branding
09 Apr 2024Beeper - Automattic has acquired Beeper, a universal chat app with over 115,000 users allows you to send and receive messages on 14 different chat networks. Matt shared more.Acquisitions
08 Apr 2024Smart Form Builder - Veena Prashanth and the team have launched a new Smart Forum Builder plugin for creating community forum space powered by a WordPress website.Launches
04 Apr 2024EcoRewards - WPPOOL has launched Echo Rewards Pro that allows you to setup refer a friend rewards program with automatic referral coupon generation, reward email customization.Launches
27 Mar 2024Gravity Kit - Zack Katz shared how Gravity Kit (previously called Gravity View) made $4,000 on the day one and then surpassed $5.5 million in sales in the next 10 years.Revenue
01 Apr 2024Elementor Form Show/Hide - Conditional logic for Elementor Form to display or hide some form fields with Conditional Fields addon by Cool Plugins, free version also available.Launches
01 Apr 2024Simple Custom Fields - Marco Almeida has released Simple Custom Fields, promising an easy process of adding custom fields to the new Woo block-based checkout.Launches
01 Apr 2024QODE Wishlist - Create multiple private, public, or shared wishlists with QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin by the team at Qode Interactive.Launches
03 Apr 2024Melapress File Monitor - Website Files Changes Monitor plugin has been rebranded and relaunched as Melapress File Monitor plugin with free version in repository.Branding
21 Mar 2024Aircraft Builder - The team at LifterLMS has launched Aircraft Builder to ease the course sales page creation with the power of design template library.Launches
05 Mar 2024Rockbase - Chris Hufnagel and Rafal Tomal have partnered to launch the Rockbase theme promising a solid foundation theme that is block ready, lightweight, and extensible.Launches
14 Mar 2024Two Woo Plugins - Gautam Garg shared about (Links X) acquiring two Woo Plugins, UPI QR Code Payment Gateway and Razorpay Payment Links, from Sayan Datta.Acquisitions
23 Feb 2024Scale Consortium - It is a new group brand representing some of the most successful enterprise WordPress agencies with focus on the enterprise layer of WordPress.Branding
05 Mar 2024Syde - Inpsyde, one of the biggest WordPress agency in Europe, has rebranded to a new identity is now called Syde - reflecting its evolution and renewed vision.Branding
01 Mar 20247 Barn2 Plugins - Kestrel, the former co-founders of SkyVerge (which is now part of GoDaddy), has acquired seven WooCommerce plugins from the Barn2 team.Acquisitions
22 Feb 2024Startise - M Asif Rahman has launched a new core parent group, Startise brand for their products like WPDeveloper, Easy Jobs, Storeware, Templately, xCloud, and more.Branding
21 Feb 2024

AnalyticsWP - Made for WordPress websites, AnalyticsWP Plugin promises easy to understand stats, conversion journeys, and more data collection by Mike Holubowski.

06 Dec 2023Liquid AI - The WordPress .com parent company, Automattic, is one of many investors to raise $37.6M for Liquid AI, promising a new generation of AI models.Investments
15 Feb 2024Beacon .by - OptinMonster has acquired Beacon, a service for creating lead magnets and opt-in forms. Beacon's integration with OptinMonster is coming soon.Acquisitions
12 Feb 2024reSmush it - ShortPixel, known for WordPress image optimization solutions, has acquired reSmush it, the original free image compression WordPress plugin and API.Acquisitions
10 Feb 2024Find My Blocks - Morgan Hvidt has adopted the Find My Blocks plugin on the WordPress repository from Eddy Sims for its future development and updates.Acquisitions
07 Feb 2024WP Inbox - Nelson Miller has launched WP Inbox, which organizes and syncs data from the website and displays information about a person in the sidebar of your inbox app.Launches
31 Jan 2024WPML Export & Import - This new export import addon plugin from the team at WPML facilitates an easier way to export and import multilingual WordPress content.Launches
01 Feb 2024WP Plugins Plus - Dave Grey from Our Web Services Ltd. has acquired plugins at WPPluginsPlus from Andrew Palmer and will have a new home at Our WP Plugins website.Acquisitions
31 Jan 2024WooCommerce Discount Manager - Create and display flexible WooCommerce discount rules with various discount types using this new plugin from the Barn2 team.Launches
30 Jan 2024GrooveHQ - WPBeginner Growth Fund (from Awesome Motive) has taken an investment stake in the GrooveHQ, a customer support help desk software.Investments
24 Jan 2024WPGetAPI - Updraft WP Software Ltd. has acquired WPGetAPI which allows you to connect to virtually any REST API and display the returned data on WordPress website.Acquisitions
25 Jan 2024xCloud - WPDeveloper is launching xCloud Platform promising a nex-gen WordPress cloud hosting and site management. Shahjahan Jewel from Fluent Forms has joined it as investor and partner.Investments, Launches
27 Jan 2024Really Simple Featured Video - Krishna Kant Chourasiya has released Really Simple Featured Video Pro that allow changing of video aspect ratio and video order on Woo products.Launches
10 Jan 2024Studio Wombat - In 2023 revenue grew by 48% selling 3,922 new plugin licenses, compared to 3,275 in 2022. No new plugin was released in 2023.Revenue
30 Dec 2023WP Umbrella - In 2023, WP Umbrella went from 7K MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) to 25K at the end of the year, that equates to $300,000 Annual Run Rate.Revenue
15 Jan 2024Rocket .net - They closed 2023 at an impressive $4.5mm ARR with growth rate of 150% and continuously adding more features to their WordPress Hosting platform.Revenue
31 Dec 2023Barn2 - Their WordPress plugins focused on WooCommerce stores exceeded $6,000,000 in lifetime revenues and welcomed 90,000th happy customer in the year 2023.Revenue
12 Jan 2024WP-Projects - Saarland company HostPress GmbH has acquired WP-Projects, a German provider of managed WordPress hosting, and will become part of it from February 1, 2024.Acquisitions
05 Jan 2024PersonalizeWP - Formerly known as WP-DXP, with investment and support from Emilia Capital, it has been rebranded as PersonalizeWP and launched with new features.Branding, Launches
08 Jan 2024FooGallery User Uploads - For FooGallery (Free and Pro) users, the User Uploads addon allows website visitors to contribute images directly from the front-end.Launches
16 Jan 2024Gravity Forms Global Search - Johnathon Williams has created the Global Search addon for Gravity Forms that allow searching from multiple forms with single search box.Launches
16 Jan 2024Advanced Composer Blocks - Marcus Burnette has released Advanced Composer Blocks, an addon for the Newsletter Plugin, that adds design and content options.Launches
20 Jan 2024ZIP Recipes - Igor Benić has acquired the ZIP Recipes plugin for food bloggers that allow easy creation and management of recipes on WordPress websites.Acquisitions
20 Dec 2023Bricks Admin Dashboard - Craig Fenton has launched Bricks Admin Dashboard that allows you to build WordPress admin dashboards easily with Bricks Builder.Launches
23 Dec 2023RoadMapWP - James Welbes has launched RoadMapWP WordPress plugin that is designed to enhance user engagement and feedback collection on WordPress websites.Launches
06 Jan 2024Conversion Bridge - Derek Ashauer, creator of Confetti plugin, has launched Conversion Bridge, a privacy-first analytics, to collect conversion data and custom events from your favorite WP plugins.Launches
18 Oct 2023Kinsta Static Sites - Kinsta has launched a Static Site Hosting that lets you build, deploy, and host up to 100 static sites on the platform for completely free, including static WordPress sites.Launches
20 Jan 2024WP Easy Email - Vinny McKee, Founder of WickedPlugins, shared about the launch of WP Easy Email service to fix WordPress website not sending emails or going to spam.Launches
03 Jan 2024Swift SMTP - David Vongries, founder of PBF Theme,  has rebranded the Welcome Email Editor plugin into Swift SMTP plugin - a simple, free SMTP plugin for WordPress.Branding
12 Jan 2024Divi Form DB - Dave Grey has acquired (need LinkedIn Login) the Divi Form DB plugin that saves Divi Contact Form entries in database, new website is live.Acquisitions
03 Jan 2024WP Webhooks - Adrian Șpiac, co-founder of Cozmoslabs, has acquired the WP Webhooks plugin, an automation plugin for WordPress, from Jannis Thümmig.Acquisitions
13 Feb 2023Open Graph - The team at WPExperts has acquired the Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags Plugin, that has been around for over 12 years.Acquisitions
05 Jan 2023Duplicator - The team at Awesome Motive has acquired the Duplicator plugin, a popular plugin for WordPress website backups and migrations.Acquisitions
06 Oct 2023License Server - Jamie Madden's License Server for WooCommerce has been acquired by Peter through the Acquire .com service.Acquisitions
06 Dec 2023Grow Social - The team at NerdPress has made their first acquisition, Grow Social, the popular social media sharing WordPress plugin from Mediavine and rebranded to Hubbub.Acquisitions
18 Jan 2023LifterLMS - Jason and Kim Coleman, co-founders of Paid Memberships Pro, have made an investment in LifterLMS, that will extend to LiferLMS design and business aspects.Investments
24 Jan 2023Thrive Themes - The ‘Awesome Motive’ team has acquired Thrive Themes which feature a lot of tools like Thrive Architect, Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Leads, and more.Acquisitions
27 Jan 2023WP Overnight - The UpdraftPlus team has acquired WP Overnight which specializes in addons for the WooCommerce store users.Acquisitions
06 Feb 2023Automattic - Sujay Pawar, the co-founder of Astra theme and many other WordPress products, has announced joining forces with the automatic company as a co-investor and advisor.Investments
13 Feb 2023Mail Mint - The team at WPFunnels has launched the Mail Mint plugin for email marketing automation within the WordPress dashboard.Launches
13 Feb 2023Setary App - James Kemp has launched the Setary App that promises to make bulk editing of WooCommerce products easy and quick in a lightning-fast spreadsheet environment.Launches
24 Apr 2023MemberMouse - Blair Williams shared about MemberPress acquiring another membership plugin called MemberMouse, emphasizing that these plugins won’t be merged and will grow independently.Acquisitions
06 Mar 2023WPLift - The popular WordPress tutorials blog WPLift was acquired sometime back, and now we know the owner – Ronik Patel, who also runs UnlimitedWP.Acquisitions
03 Mar 2023Advanced Ads - The team at MonetizeMore has acquired the Advanced Ads plugin, used for managing advertisements on WordPress websites.Acquisitions
28 Feb 2023WP101 - Awesome Motive has now acquired Shawn Hesketh’s WP101 website featuring WordPress tutorials and courses. Shawn Hesketh published about WP101 journey.Acquisitions
09 Mar 2023InboxWP - Saif Hassan from the WeDevs team has teased the upcoming InboxWP transactional emails service for WordPress users.Launches
15 Mar 2023ForGravity - Featuring collection of addons for Gravity Forms Plugin, ForGravity has been rebranded to CosmicGiant with aim to reduce brand confusion.Branding
14 Mar 2023Accessibility Checker  - Joost and Marieke via Emilia Capital have invested in Equalize Digital to accelerate the growth of the Accessibility Checker WordPress Plugin.Investments
13 Mar 2023ActivityPub - Automattic has acquired the ActivityPub plugin and recruited its developer. With this, replies posted on a federated site like Mastodon become blog post comments on WP(.)org & (.)com blogs.Acquisitions
20 Mar 2023EDD Pro - EDD has an all-new way of using the plugin with the launch of EDD Pro, which consolidates features of the EDD free plugin and premium add-ons.Launches
22 Mar 2023WP Admin Login - Focussing on acquiring an existing user base, the WPExperts team has acquired a free ‘change wp-admin login’ plugin with over 90,000+ active installs.Acquisitions
23 Mar 2023Exclusive Addons - Phil Crumm shared an insightful thread on Twitter on why and how the Elementor addon company, Exclusive Addons was finally sold for $70k on Flippa.Acquisitions
03 Apr 2023GutenbergHub - Munir Kamal has launched GutenbergHub Shop featuring individual blocks with specific functionality available for purchase at a one-time price.Launches
10 Apr 2023Payment Plans WC - The team at WPExperts has acquired Payment Plans WC plugin that gives the feature of “Buy Now and Pay Later” payment option.Acquisitions
10 Apr 2023Real Big Plugins - LearnDash (StellarWP) has acquired Real Big Plugins collection of add-ons, including Gradebook for LearnDash and LearnDash for Slack, MailChimp, ConvertKit.Acquisitions
17 Apr 2023Timetics - Creators behind EventIn and WPCafe plugins have launched a new Timetics plugin for online bookings and appointments.Launches
08 May 2023WishList Member - MemberPress (which is part of WPBeginner Growth Accelerator) has acquired the WishList Member plugin, popular for membership and course websites.Acquisitions
02 May 2023HeroThemes - WPBeginner Growth Fund has invested in the HeroThemes business, which sells a knowledge base theme and plugin.Investments
25 Apr 2023Sky Pilot Theme - LifterLMS has launched the Sky Pilot Theme, promising to give the best learner experience with a theme built exclusively for courses and membership websites.Launches
19 May 2023Kirki Framework - David Vongries’s Kirki Framework, a developer framework for the customizer settings, has been acquired by Themeum.Acquisitions
15 May 2023Plaster Plugin - Automatic(.)css has acquired and merged the functionality of the Plaster Plugin that is popular for features supporting WordPress page builder plugins.Acquisitions
15 May 2023WCVendors - Rymera Web Co. (portfolio company of Awesome Motive, as shared by Syed Balki) has acquired WCVendors, founder Jamie Madden has decided to pursue new projects.Acquisitions
15 May 2023Maxi Blocks - The team at Maxi Blocks has released the Maxi Blocks Pro version with a library of designer templates in addition to the free version in the WordPress repository.Launches
15 May 2023Express Shop Page - Barn2 has released the Express Shop Page plugin for WooCommerce websites, to select product quantities and variations without leaving the page.Launches
22 May 2023Tasty Pins - The team at WP Tasty has released a new Tasty Pins plugin that allows you to optimize blog post images for Pinterest and SEO.Launches
29 May 2023Intellipress - Robert DeVore shared about the launch of Intellipress, promising to be a smart AI assistant for WordPress, combining the power of AI with the Gutenberg block editor.Launches
29 May 2023AiBud WP Pro - The team at Stylemix has released the AiBud WP Pro plugin with a chat and fine-tuning feature that enables you to train the Chatbot.Launches
05 Jun 2023RankMath SEO - The popular RankMath SEO plugin has been acquired by Group One, which already owns plugins like WP Rocket and more.Acquisitions
06 Jun 2023User Feedback - Syed Balki’s team at MonsterInsights has released the User Feedback – that allows you to create interactive feedback forms, surveys, and polls.Launches
12 Jun 2023FuseWP - Collins Agbonghama has launched FuseWP which allows you to sync WordPress users with email marketing and CRM, supports MailChimp, Constant Contact.Launches
12 Jun 2023Spectra Pro - After being in the testing phase for quite some time, the Spectra Pro Plugin for block editor users is finally available for download and test drive.Launches
19 Jul 2023LiquidWeb - This went unnoticed until today; One Equity Partners has acquired LiquidWeb Hosting and formed a new holding company called CloudOne Digital.Acquisitions
03 Jul 2023WP Ultimo Next - WP Ultimo has launched WP Ultimo Next featuring new tools for your Website as a Service (WaaS) platform like types, workflows, studio, access gate.Launches
10 Jul 2023Woo Shipping - The team at Barn2 has released a new WooCommerce Shipping Calculator that makes it easy for visitors to calculate shipping costs upfront on the product page itself.Launches
17 Jul 2023ClickWhale - A WordPress plugin to shorten URLs and analyze clicks, ClickWhale Pro has been released that support eCommerce conversion and UTM campaign tracking.Launches
24 Jul 2023MemberDash - The LearnDash team has released the MemberDash Plugin, a standalone plugin to build simple and flexible membership websites on WordPress.Launches
11 Dec 2023Crosswinds Framework - After the release of the Crosswinds Blocks plugin, Jacob Martella has launched the entire Crosswinds Framework project, promising to ‘supercharge your website editing experience’.Launches
28 Jul 2023Woo Product Tabs - The team at Barn2 has made their first ever acquisition with the WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin acquired from WPConcern.Acquisitions
26 Sep 2023WP White Security - WordPress Security Plugins creator WP White Security has rebranded to MelaPress for a new chapter going forward.Branding
07 Aug 2023Powder - Brian Gardner’s Frost FSE theme was acquired by WPEngine sometime back, and now he has launched Powder with theme and child themes.Launches
07 Aug 2023Kraft Builder - The team behind Yellow Pencil has launched a new Kraft Builder plugin for developing a WordPress website in a visual mode;Launches
08 Aug 2023Gravity Shop - GravityWiz with new product line for customizing WooCommerce products by Gravity Forms, Gravity Shop Product Configurator is the first launch.Launches
07 Aug 2023ZipWP - The team behind the Astra theme and Sure Members has launched AI driven ZipWP service for automatic website layout suggestion and creation.Launches
10 Aug 2023Divi AI - The team at Divi has launched a Divi AI tools that uses AI powers to automatically generate images and text on your Divi made websites.Launches
08 Aug 2023Spectra Pro - The Block Editor builder plugin, Spectra has a pro version now with more features, coming from the creators of the popular Astra theme.Launches
15 Aug 2023BackWPup - Group .one has acquired BackWPup, Adminimize, Search & Replace from Inpsyde - joining their existing products: RankMath SEO, WP Rocket, & Imagify.Acquisitions
25 Aug 2023100 Year Plan - WordPress .com has launched 100 year plan where your website remain alive even after you for 100 years, comes with $38,000 price tag.Launches
30 Aug 2023Rocket net - With an endeavor to invest in the future of WordPress, Rocket .net hosting has officially joined the Five for the Future program.Investments
04 Sep 2023SurelyWP - Nelson Miller has launched the SurelyWP project featuring addons for SureCart solution with addons like: User Switching and Wishlist.Launches
11 Sep 2023More Blocks - Ferdinand Nyarko has launched More Blocks for the Breakdance builder users offering more components and Google Chrome extension integration.Launches
11 Sep 2023API to Posts - wpgetapi has released API to Posts allowing you to create WordPress posts, custom posts, or WooCommerce products from the API data.Launches
11 Sep 2023Salonly - The team at ThemeDev has launched new Salonly booking plugin for online appointments on WordPress site for Beauty Salon and Spa businesses.Launches
25 Sep 2023Social Link Pages - Matthaus Klute has acquired the Social Link Pages plugin for $3000 from Corey Maass that allow creation of link-in-bio pages.Acquisitions
05 Oct 2023Envira Gallery - The Awesome Motive group continues its expansion with acquisition of Envira Gallery, NextGen Gallery, Photocrati Theme, and Soliloquy Slider.Acquisitions
04 Oct 2023Visser Labs - Rymera Web Co, with brands like Wholesale Suite and WC Vendors, has acquired Visser Labs, which focus on WooCommerce export import solutions.Acquisitions
09 Oct 2023Divi Assistant - Nelson Miller at Pee-Aye Creative has launched Divi Assistant with features and tools that promise to make website building with Divi easier.Launches
09 Oct 2023Droip - The team at Themeum has launched Droip Builder, promising a lot of features for visual website building on the self hosted WordPress platform.Launches
09 Oct 2023Fluent Booking - The team behind FluentCRM and Fluent Forms has an upcoming Fluent Booking plugin, a scheduling solution for webinars, appointments, events, and more.Launches
16 Oct 2023SolidWP (iThemes) - Announced a while back, the full rebranding of iThemes to SolidWP is now complete with products now being called Solid Security, Solid Backup, and Solid Central.Branding
16 Oct 2023UiChemy  - The team at POSIMYTH has launched UiChemy tool that converts a Figma designs into an Elementor or block editor editable website.Launches
16 Oct 2023ASE - Wibowo Sulistio has released the pro version of Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) plugin that has many small yet seriously useful features for WordPress users.Launches
23 Oct 2023Rapyd -  The team at BuddyBoss is gearing up to launch Rapyd Hosting, a high performance managed hosting for dynamic content memberships, LMS, and online community websites.Launches
24 Oct 2023Texts App - Automattic has acquired Texts app, a single dashboard for all your messages across platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, and more.Acquisitions
23 Oct 2023ImageSEO - Cristian Raiber, plugin creator at WPChill, has acquired ImageSEO .io from Aurelio Volle of WP Umbrella. Also, bought (ImageSEO .com) dot com domain for this product.Acquisitions
31 Oct 2023Woo - WooCommerce .com domain is changing to Woo. Here, Woo is the brand or company, while WooCommerce is the open-source eCommerce platform for WordPress.Branding
15 Nov 2023LatePoint - Brainstorm Force, the company behind Astra Theme, has invested in the LatePoint plugin for appointment booking and scheduling on WordPress.Investments
30 Oct 2023Seahawk Media - A global WordPress services provider, Seahawk Media, founded by Ryan James and Gautam Khorana - has joined the WPBeginner Growth Fund.Investments
02 Nov 2023WP SMTP - Jack Kitterhing has acquired two plugins, Check & Log Email and WP SMTP, with a combined 170,000+ active installs.Acquisitions
06 Nov 2023Authority Blocks - Jeremy Koering has launched the Authority Blocks, a library of Kadence Blocks with 40+ blocks and templates focused on bloggers that sell affiliate products.Launches
06 Nov 2023OMGIMG - Cory Miller and Corey Maass have launched the OMGIMG Plugin that adds more useful content to featured images of your post or page content.Launches
06 Nov 2023WeDocs Pro - The team at weDevs is taking the next step with the launch of pro version of WeDocs plugin with more features and improvements.Launches
07 Nov 2023Crew HRM - Sekander Badsha shared about the launch of Crew HRM plugin for setting up an online job board on your WordPress website to facilitate job listing and recruitment.Launches
07 Nov 2023Project Huddle - It was acquired by Brainstorm Force from Andre Gagnon and now it has been rebranded to SureFeedback for expanding features and consistent branding with other products SureCart, SureMembers, & more.Branding
08 Nov 2023FlyWP - The team at weDevs has launched the FlyWP Server Management service. It promises to enable quick WordPress deployment and hosting on your own server of choice.Launches
25 Nov 2023Leevio - A new company brand Leevio has been founded by visionaries from weDevs and HappyMonster. Happy Media plugin is their first product launch.Launches
27 Nov 2023CoolPlugins - WordPress plugins shop at has acquired the dot com version, CoolPlugins .com domain for $2800, as shared by their co-founder, Satinder Singh.Branding