WP Weekly 134 – Awesome

It was a super awesome experience attending WordCamp Asia 2023; now trying to get back to my usual work routine (not easy!). After one week break, WP Weekly is back on schedule with new product updates, acquisition buzz, and much more.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • That’s Interesting… Tumblr’s parody of paid verification has increased Tumblr iOS revenue by 125% – and I am sure it got more eyeballs as well! Also, one good way to catch users looking for the nulled version of your plugin is by making a page like this, as shared by the WPGetAPI team.
  • Big Updates… Kadence Blocks 3.0 has been released with rewritten cleaner code, a new user interface for block settings, and many other enhancements. While Elementor 3.11 has introduced an all-new Loop Carousel Widget for the customized display of post and product contents.
  • Let’s Learn… Spencer Forman looked at five essential plugins that can be part of the process for selling event tickets online on your WordPress website. While Nikola Puciriusa from Visual Composer shared a quick process to add Custom SVG Masks to images with CSS and make images look super cool.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. Woo Support Change… from June 2023 WooCommerce will support the current version of WordPress and one previous version. For example, WooCommerce 7.5 would be compatible with: WP 6.1, the current version, and WP 6.0, the previous version.
  2. Acquisition Train… Blair Williams shared about MemberPress acquiring another membership plugin called MemberMouse, emphasizing that these plugins won’t be merged and will allow them to grow independently.
  3. New Releases… MainWP has released the Database Updater Extension that allows you to update WooCommerce and Elementor plugins databases directly from the MainWP Dashboard, making the process easy.
  4. WP Milestones… clocking an impressive milestone of 300,000+ active installs, Fluent Forms is going strong both product and community-wise! While Vikas Singhal shared about Gutena Forms adding 1000 active installations in less than a month. While Gravity Perks is celebrating 10 years milestone with David Smith sharing the key highlights from 2012 to 2023.
  5. WordCamps Action… WordCamp Phoenix #WCPHX has announced speakers in rounds: one, two, and three – for the event scheduled for March 24, 2023. Also, the WordCamp London event is scheduled for Sep 2023 – the early planning stages have already started.

Quick Bits 👍

WordCamp Asia 2023 – Awesomness!

Last week, there was no issue of the WPWeekly as I was attending WordCamp Asia 2023 in Bangkok. This event had awesomeness written in every aspect. I got to meet people first time in “real life”, whom I have known for years. Of course, I also bumped into many WordPress celebrities (and there were a lot!). I posted photos on my Twitter profile.

I had an interesting conversation with Lawrence Ladomery, who has launched the CopyPipe service for quality content written by humans (in AI times). Also, I got introduced to Pascal Claro, who has recently launched ‘Take a Tutorial‘ Youtube channel focussing on WordPress tutorials – checkout and subscribe!

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Upcoming Events 💬

March 07, 2024: WordCamp Asia 2024 at Taiwan - I will be there!
March 19, 2024: WP Engine's Decode 2024 online conference.
September 23, 2024: Digital Asset Congress 2024 in Iceland.

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