WP Weekly 171 – Busy

The busy period of launches and product updates has started before we all slow down at the end of the year. This issue covers new plugins like Crew HRM, GB Hacks, WeDocs Pro, and Essential Blocks Pro. Also, another WordPress brand has been rebranded and tracking various core WordPress updates.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • New Things… Project Huddle design feedback tool was acquired sometime back and now has been rebranded to SureFeedback with an expanding features set and matching with the sure products like SureCart, SureMembers branding. Also, Supa Mike has created Breakdance Easy UI that aims to make the Breakdance Builder user interface more readable and convenient to use.
  • New Plugins… read about the newly launched Crew HRM plugin for setting up an online job board on your WordPress website to facilitate job listing and recruitment. Also, Ronald Huereca has released the GB Hacks plugin with features for users of GenerateBlocks like pattern importer, post type support, Adobe font support, and setting headline block as default.
  • Pro Version Launches… the WeDocs plugin for knowledge base and documentation setup is taking a big step with the WeDocs Pro launch and enhanced features. Also, the WPDeveloper’s Essential Blocks free plugin has over 100K+ active installs and now has launched the Essential Blocks Pro version with more features and an attractive lifetime offer starting from $99.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. Product Updates… Paid Memberships Pro has released an all-new Google Analytics Addon for easy connection to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and for better insights into user interactions and eCommerce conversions. Also, the WP Ultimo 2.3.0v has introduced custom meta fields for customers in the admin area, allowing you to collect additional user information.
  2. New Themes & More… Anders Norén has released Hideo Theme for free download, a clean portfolio, and blog theme with bold headings. Also, Lukas Gächter shared about the Timber 2.0 release; moving forward, it will not be available as a WordPress plugin but only be available as a Composer package.
  3. More Updates… InstaWP has announced a partnership with Melapress, developers of niche WordPress security and admin plugins. Real Cookie Banner 4.0v is now available after intensive work for 17 months, and insights into the legal requirements of 12 EU countries are now integrated into the plugin.
  4. Business of WP… Jetpack has a new Jetpack Creator plan that bundles in features one needs to create content, build an email subscriber base, and even monetize the whole setup. Also, after acquiring two plugins, Jack Kitterhing announced the acquisition of a third one, KB Support, helpdesk & knowledge base support plugin.
  5. New in WordPress Security… Patchstack now has a new vulnerability scoring system called Patchstack Priority for better representation of the seriousness of vulnerabilities, with users prioritizing and filtering vulnerabilities. Also, Wordfence has launched a new bug bounty program to fund WordPress security research and provide security researchers with financial rewards for finding vulnerabilities.
  6. WP Milestones… the Spectra builder for Gutenberg Block Editor users has crossed the 600K+ active installs milestone. Also, the Uncanny Automator plugin for automations and integrations has crossed the 30,000+ active installs milestone.

Quick Bits 👍

New WordPress Release & Core Things!

New WordPress… version 6.4 is now available for download, and the follow-up 6.4.1 release with quick fixes. WordPress 6.4 brings many enhancements like the new Twenty Twenty-Four Theme, better Command Palette, patterns categorization, and more. All thanks to more than 600 contributors in at least 56 countries.

Core & Dev Updates… Josepha shared the proposal of the major core release dates for 2024 adjusted around major holidays and main WordCamp events. While the core performance team is aiming to merge the Performant Translations Plugin features into the core with the WP 6.5 release. Also, check the new developer doc for Block Stylesheets on their purpose, creation, organization, and adding CSS.

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Upcoming Events 💬

May 20, 2024: Page Builder Summit, an online WP event.
June 05, 2024: Strategies for WordPress Success with PersonalizeWP.
June 15, 2024: WordCamp Europe 2024 in Torino, Italy.
July 19, 2024: Stellar Spark free online events for WP people.
September 23, 2024: Digital Asset Congress 2024 in Iceland.

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