WP Weekly 180 – ReOrganize

Is a big re-organization coming at Automattic for the web hosting ecosystem in the WordPress space? Also, in this issue, Matt Mullenweg is stepping away for 3 months, more acquisitions, investments, and new plugins to track this week.

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • For Blog Posts… PublishPress has released the PublishPress Statuses Plugin (free link) that allows you to label posts other than draft and pending review to statuses like In Progress, Needs Work, or Rejected. Gato GraphQL v2 allows you to use generative AI to create featured images for blog posts that do not have a thumbnail image.
  • New Plugins… create and display flexible discount rules on your Woo store with the new WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin from the Barn2 team, and creating this plugin cost them $38K (Links X) in the development time. The team at WPML has released a new WPML Export and Import that facilitates easier export and import of multilingual WordPress content.
  • Got Noticed… Cwicly 1.4v update has added Tailwind integration, a new SVG Block, and the ability to copy-paste HTML to Cwicly blocks. Also, Funnel Builder 3.0v got a big update with a new dashboard, detailed global analytics, checkout flow, new order bump skins, and performance improvements.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. New Integrations… Derek Ashauer has added integration (Links X) of over 36 popular plugins (more coming!) in the new Conversion Bridge that allows you to track conversions. MemberMouse has added Easy Affiliate integration, allowing you to start tracking all the clicks and sales your affiliates send to your membership setup.
  2. WordPress Builders… Nick Roach shared the latest Divi 5 progress update, such as converting all the Divi modules slated for the Public Alpha release and the new Divi AI Image Editor feature. Brizy Cloud has introduced a Language Localization feature allowing the builder to be displayed in over 14 different languages.
  3. Dev Focused… Jon Desrosiers has released the Props Bot tool for WordPress focused projects, aiming for consistent standards for giving out contribution credit within the project wherever GitHub is used. Jacklyn Biggin shared about the launch of a new WooCommerce Developer Documentation website.
  4. Matt & Automattic Change… is coming, as Matt Mullenweg is stepping away for 3 months and Toni Schneider will be the CEO during that period. Also, more important is this statement for the WordPress web hosting ecosystem, “…team is switching under WP.com, and Woo.com will recommend a variety of hosts”.
  5. WordCamps Action… the Contributor Day at the upcoming WordCamp Asia 2024 will have the addition of the Human Library concept that aims to provide attendees with personalized interactions. Also, the WordCamp Canada 2024 event has been approved and is happening on July 11, 2024, in Ottawa.

Quick Bits 👍

Acquisitions & Investments in WP Space!

Acquisitions Train… the makers of Updraft Plus plugin, Updraft WP Software Ltd., has acquired WPGetAPI which allows you to connect to virtually any REST API and display the returned data on a WordPress website. Also, Dave Grey from Our Web Services Ltd. has acquired plugins at WPPluginsPlus from Andrew Palmer and will have a new home at the Our WP Plugins website.

Investments… WPBeginner Growth Fund (from Awesome Motive) has taken an investment stake in GrooveHQ, a customer support help desk software. Check more such coverage at the Business of WordPress database page.

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Upcoming Events 💬

July 11, 2024: WordCamp Canada 2024 in Ottawa, ON Canada.
July 19, 2024: Stellar Spark free online event for WP people.
September 17, 2024: WordCamp US 2024 in Portland, Oregon.
September 23, 2024: Digital Asset Congress 2024 in Iceland.
October 09, 2024: WordPress Accessibility Day 2024, online event.

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