WP Weekly 193 – Core Focus

Focusing on core WordPress, things are going strong – be it the refresh button solution or the contributors’ feedback. On the positive side, the proposal for multiple preferred languages and early testing opportunities. Plus, which products are gearing up for price changes, and what got acquired this week?

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What’s Buzzing in WordPress 💖

  • For WordPress Admin Bar… the team at Jewel Them has released a new Admin Bar Editor plugin. It allows you to control the admin bar on your WordPress website with features like hiding toolbar items based on user roles, add custom links, and more.
  • WordPress Post to Twitter… Flowmattic has introduced new Twitter integration enabling automatic workflow setup like the ability to create a new tweet when a new post is created on your WordPress website or a new product is added to your WooCommerce store.
  • New Block Theme… Roman Fink has released a new block based theme called Frameword theme. It has a clean and minimalistic layout that comes with multiple homepage designs along with various pattern layouts for different use cases.

New: NewsletterGlue, MailMint, Crosswinds, SureTriggers

Newsletter Blocks… Users of the Newsletter Glue plugin can look forward to the big v3 update. The new addition includes over 20 newsletter specific blocks built from scratch, along with much needed mobile controls.

Custom Woo Transactional Emails… Mail Mint’s drag-and-drop email builder now allows you to customize transactional emails created by WooCommerce – like emails sent for a new product order, failed order, and more.

Crosswinds Framework… promising to make it easy for new users, Crosswinds has added a new onboarding wizard that allows users to add site info, create important pages, select header and footer – instead of a blank canvas.

Five New Integrations… has been added to SureTriggers. The newly added integrations are available for services like Tumblr, Sender, BigMailer, Process Street, and Bannerbear.

Extended WordPress Buzz 🔥

  1. WP Release Feedback… Akshaya Rane has published a summary of feedback received from WordPress contributors, highlighting many takeaways with regard to processes and communication. Also, check this spreadsheet containing anonymized responses.
  2. Adding Refresh Button… is in the works to display plugin settings or an onboarding screen after the plugin install. Syed Balki pointed out, “…I feel this is adding extra friction and complexity for beginners / non-techy users”, and other users have echoed similar views.
  3. Multiple Preferred Languages… the ability to allow users to choose multiple languages for displaying WordPress – has been covered with the Preferred Languages plugin for many years. Now, there is a proposal for adding this to the WordPress core – good move!
  4. Blocks Life… Gutenberg 18.3v is available with full page client-side navigation experiment. You can also use negative values for margin controls and add a defaultFontSizes option to theme.json file.
  5. Early WordPress 6.6 Testing… an opportunity for early testing of WordPress 6.6 is now open, before the Beta 1 release. Check the information here for testing setup and instructions to contribute.
  6. WP Perspectives… David Bushell wrote about the state of modern WordPress themes, “Modern themes are this weird code-within-code unmaintainable inception that looks like AI LLM generate garbage”.
  7. GoDaddy WC Fellowship… The WP Community Collective in partnership with GoDaddy has launched a new program to promote underrepresented speakers in the WordPress space, featuring support of up to US$1,500 for attending the conference and contributor day.

Quick Bits 👍

WordPress Business: New Pricing & Acquisitions

Pricing Updates… Breakdance will go through plans and price changes around the Breakdance 2.0 release. The existing users will be grandfathered into their current plans indefinitely. Also, HappyAddons for Elementor has revamped pricing plans – now with 100 sites expert plan at $99 yearly.

Addons Acquisition… the StellarWP group, the owner of LearnDash, has acquired LearnDash addons from the WisdmLabs team. This includes acquisition of LearnDash addons like instructor role, reports for LearnDash, group registration, ratings, content cloner, and more.

Another Acquisition… Convesio, a managed hosting provider for WordPress websites, has acquired Growmatik platform – that specialize in marketing automation for WordPress and WooCommerce users.

Upcoming Events 💬

May 20, 2024: Page Builder Summit, an online WP event.
June 05, 2024: Strategies for WordPress Success with PersonalizeWP.
June 15, 2024: WordCamp Europe 2024 in Torino, Italy.
July 19, 2024: Stellar Spark free online events for WP people.
September 23, 2024: Digital Asset Congress 2024 in Iceland.

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