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A comprehensive list of useful WordPress Tools and Resources for WordPress builders, agency owners, freelancers, and DIYers to do more with code, design, AI, security, eCommerce, investments, selling plugins, and more. Read the affiliate disclosure in the footer.

1. Code

Code Generators

Generate Code for CPTs, Plugins, Hooks, and Query.

WPTurbo Generators – Online code generators for WordPress CPT, shortcodes, & more.

Generate WP – Generate code for terms, hooks, queries via various online generator tools.

CodeWP – An AI powered code generator built and trained specifically for WordPress.

WPCodey – WordPress code snippets generator assistant powered by AI magic.


Code Storage

Save and Store Code Snippets online in the Cloud.

WPCodeBox – Save your code snippets to the Cloud and share them across your WordPress sites.

Divi Code Snippets – Save and manage your code snippets right inside the Divi interface.


Code Snippets

Public Collections of WordPress Code Snippets.

WP Code Bin – A public repository of WordPress Code Snippets by WPCodeBin users.

Code Snippets Cloud – A place to find code snippets for WordPress development.

WPCode Snippets Library – A collection of WordPress code snippets of various types.

Gravity Wiz Snippet Library – A comprehensive library of snippets for Gravity Forms users.


Code Libraries

Open Source Libraries and More Tools.

WP-Admin Reference – A place where you can quickly reference elements from wp-admin.

Yoast UI Library – An open-source React component library used in the Yoast UI.

StellarWP Libraries – Open source libraries and tools for WordPress development.

Docs Dangit – A search engine for WordPress developers to find code samples.

2. Plugins

Plugin Stats

Track Rankings and Performance of Plugins.

Plug Stat – An online tool to search WordPress Plugins in the WordPress (.)org directory.

WP Rankings – See your plugin’s WordPress org website ranking information.

WP Metrics – Track performance of plugins & themes published on the WordPress repository.

Plugin Rank – Tool for tracking your WordPress plugin rankings in WordPress search results.

WP Tally – Get the total download count for all plugins and themes from a specific user.


Plugin Info

Compare Plugins and Manage License Keys.

WP Hive – Get better insights and compare WordPress plugins of your choice easily.

WP Plugin Compare – A community tool by rtCamp for easy comparison of WP plugins.

Plugin Table – Displaying popular WordPress plugins in the form of a periodic table – creative!

PlugScore – A WooCommerce plugins aggregator that lists plugins from WordPress Plugin Repository.

Pluginsly – Discover new and useful WordPress plugins released in the WordPress ecosystem.


Plugin Tools

Tools for Developers of WordPress Plugins.

WPPB – WordPress plugin boilerplate generator online tool, type plugin details and get zip file.

License Buddy – Save and quickly use the license keys of your huge list of WordPress plugins.

WP Wallet – This is a plugin and license management tool for WordPress professionals.

3. AI

AI Content

Use OpenAI & ChatGPT for AI Content Generation.

Bertha AI – Power of ChatGPT & Open AI to create content for your website visitors.

GetGenie – AI assistant for writing content and copy with the goal of SEO optimization.

Divi AI – AI assistant for Divi builder users for AI powered image and text creations.

IntelliPress – Smart WordPress block based AI Assistant for content, seo, and images.

Jetpack AI Assistant – A free AI powered content assistant for WordPress (.) com users.

Altis Accelerate – The plugin adds OpenAI integration with the WordPress block editor.

AI Writer – It seamlessly integrate into the Gutenberg editor and use the ChatGPT API for content.

AI Engine – Generate AI power content and add a ChatGPT-like chatbot on your site.

ClassifAI – Use AI and Machine Learning Services to enhance your WordPress content.


AI Media & Ideas

Automatic Generation of Images, File Names, & Ideas.

ImaJinn – AI power to generate photos for profiles, products, people, and more.

Every ALT – Generate accurate alternative (ALT) text for images with AI power.

Media File Renamer – AI Suggestions while renaming media files on your WordPress site.

Membership Names – An online AI to generate membership level name ideas.

Elementor Prompts – For Elementor AI users, prompts library for content, images, & code.

Blog Post Idea – A generator tool to get ideas for blog posts content you can write about.



Using AI Power for SEO Titles and Descriptions.

SEOPress – With OpenAI integration, generate SEO meta titles and descriptions via AI power.

AIOSEO – With ChatGPT powers for automatic title and description generator for posts.

Headline Analyzer – Generate SEO friendly headline text for your content using this tool.


AI More

More Tools with AI Goodness and Integrations.

DocsBot AI – Create AI powered chatbots with your existing content and documentation.

Uncanny Automator – Integration allows you to send prompts to OpenAI, wait for a response.

GPTEverest – Easily interact with WordPress website for simple and complex tasks.

WPAI Universe – A directory of artificial intelligence resources, for use with WordPress.

ChatWP – An AI chatbot that gives direct answers to your WordPress questions.

BusinessEnglish.AI – Your Slack, email and social media posts into flawless, professional English.

4. eCommerce


Sell Plugins, Templates, Block based products.

Assistant Pro – Sell, buy, and cloud storage for WP templates from the Beaver Builder team.

Gutenberg Market – A marketplace for premium Gutenberg based Plugins and Themes.

Freemius – A platform to sell your WordPress plugins, themes, subscriptions, and more.



Woo Orders Management, Analysis, & Recovery

Setary – Bulk edit WooCommerce products and variations in a spreadsheet environment.

iOrders – For deeper analysis and management of WooCommerce orders information.

Recapture – Service to recover abandoned carts and retain customers on WooCommerce store.

5. Security

Security Database

Vulnerabilities Database APIs, and More.

WP Vulnerability Database API – A project for 100% open and free API access by any WordPress user.

Patchstack Vulnerability Database – View listing of latest vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins.

Wordfence Intelligence – A free vulnerability database API and web interface from the WordFence team.

WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities – An archive of security vulnerabilities validated by GridPane & others.


Security Check

Find Vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins.

WPHackCebola – A free tool to find vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins and themes.

Free Security Program – For all WordPress plugin owners to make their plugins more secure.

Elementor Bug Bounty – A bug bounty program from Elementor and get rewarded.

Google Page Experience Checker – Check site performance and Core Web Vitals compliance.

6. Development

Dev Installs

WordPress Dev Install Online or Offline

InstaWP – Quickly spin up test or website development WordPress installation easily.

TasteWP – An online service to create a quick WordPress development installation.

DevKinsta – A free local WordPress development suite from the team at Kinsta Hosting.

InstantWP – Create a standalone and portable WordPress development environment.

LocalWP – A tool that allow setup and development of WordPress websites locally.

WP Now – Launch a Local WordPress environment, optimized for block theme development.


Dev Resources

Development Tools and Resources for WordPress.

WordPress Playground – An experimental project that runs WordPress in the browser.

WP Readme – Validate and preview your readme.txt files before submitting to WordPress ORG.

WordPress Icons Library – A searchable guide to WordPress Icon Library package from Gutenberg.

Core Blocks Explorer – Easily explore all the WordPress core blocks and their properties.

WP CLI Commands – A growing list of the WP CLI (Command Line Interface) commands.

HeadstartWP – An open source framework by 10up for creating headless WordPress websites.

WordPress Email Doc – It lists all the situations where WordPress core sends an email.


Learning Guides

Guide and Resource to Learn WordPress.

WordPress for Dummies – The WordPress All in One for Dummies guide by Lisa Sabin Wilson.

Easy WP Guide – A simple and easy to read WordPress manual as free PDF guide.

Infinum WP Handbook – A handbook covering stages of WordPress site development process.

WP Fieldwork – Kristin Falkner publishing WordPress development content for ACF & more.

7. Design

Website Inspiration

WordPress Websites Design Inspiration.

BeautifulPress – Discover beautiful websites created on WordPress along with plugins information.

WPShowOff – A curated gallery of beautifully designed WordPress websites; get inspired.

That’s WP – A WordPress showcase featuring the best designed and developed WordPress websites.

Museum of Block Art – A virtual block art museum with creations made in the Block Editor.


Design Downloads

Downloads Photos, Wallpapers, and Design Resources.

WordPress Photos Project – Upload, share, and use 100% free photos from WP users.

Openverse – A collection of free stock photos, images, and audio from various sources.

WP Wallpaper – A collection of WordPress based wallpapers from users in the community.

WP Photos Info – A project that shares stories behind the photos from WordPress folks.

Wapuu Alphabet for kids – A free ebook with 26 unique Wapuus made for kids and parents.

Johannes – An opensource wireframe kit (Figma) to help with your WordPress design projects.

CSS Crafter – A collection of pre-made CSS styles for buttons, text for use in the Block Editor.

8. Agency


Comparing WordPress Products, & Pricing

Page Builder Bloat – An excel sheet comparing page builders bloat, maintained by Supa Mike.

CMS Market Share Analysis – Published on the monthly basis by Joost de Valk (Yoast’s Founder).

WP Builders Fight Club – A community project that compares various page builder plugins.

WP Plugin Prices – An Excel sheet documenting WordPress premium plugin pricing information.

WP Theme Prices – An Excel sheet documenting WordPress Themes pricing information and changes.

Creators Friendliness Index – Ranking for website builders is done from various factors.


Agency Tools

Tools for WordPress Website Agency Owners.

WOM – The website owner’s manual for WordPress website creators to sell more care plans.

WP Care Plan Welcome Packet – Onboarding and education doc (Google/Canva) for care plan clients.

Dollie Control HQ – An online dashboard to manage multiple WordPress websites of clients.

WP Umbrella – A service to easily manage multiple WordPress websites in your agency setup.

Modular DS – A universal dashboard to manage all your WordPress websites in one place.

Logtivity – It helps track all the activity and errors on your WordPress websites, and send alerts.

Theme Detector – Find which WordPress theme a site is using with Kinsta’s theme detector tool.

What Theme is That – An online to tool find WordPress theme (parent and child) a website is using.

9. Community

Niche Projects

Various Projects from the Community Folks.

WP Events – See new and upcoming WordPress events information on this website.

Event Sponsorship Deck (Pro version) – Find sponsorship info for various events by Jason Nickerson.

WP20 Book – Building Blocks: The Evolution of WordPress, history and development of WordPress.

LayerWP Directory – An unofficial WordPress products directory for plugins, themes, & more.

Find It WP – A searchable directory resource archive website for all things WordPress.

OpenPress – An upcoming social community space for WordPress users by Mike McAlister.


People Focus

Find & Nurture WordPress People Talent.

Underrepresented in Tech – A free database to help people find new opportunities in tech.

The WP World – Discover WordPress users in your city and also submit your information.

WPSpeakers – An open database to find speakers for your next online or offline WordPress event.

WP BizDev – A job board focusing on sales and marketing roles for WordPress businesses.

The WP Community Collective – Fellowships and contributions for WP community members.

CertifyWP – WordPress credentialing organization backed by known folks from the ecosystem.


Money Moves

Buying, Selling, Growing WordPress Businesses.

FlipWP – Buy and Sell WordPress business through this private acquisition marketplace.

Emilia Capital – Investing in online companies from the founders of the Yoast SEO plugin.

AM’s M&A Program – Mergers and acquisitions program from the Awesome Motive.

Guildenberg – Accelerator program for WordPress-focused product companies.


Nonprofit License

Products with discounted license for nonprofits.

Gravity Forms – A special Gravity Forms plugin license for nonprofits at $129 per year.

AIOSEO Plugin – All in one SEO with non-profit license with upto 80% OFF regular pricing.

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