WS Form giveaway is now over, pro personal edition licenses were won by: Chougle Ahmed, Bob Dunn, and Chris Wagoner. Click here to get notified about the next WordPress giveaway contest and the other WordPress buzz.

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Previous Winners

Nov 06 – Nov 20, 2021
WS Form personal edition license won by: Chougle Ahmed, Bob Dunn, and Chris Wagoner.

Oct 24 – Nov 05, 2021
Master Addons lifetime license won by: Berhan Turkkaynagi (3 sites business license) & Anna at helpmenet (1 site personal license).

Oct 03 – Oct 16, 2021
ShopEngine Pro lifetime license won by: Brian Schnurr (5 sites license) & Ekuebu (1 site license).

Aug 23 – Sep 04, 2021
Newsletter Glue license won by: Mike at Jadefiredev, Kyle at Ogalweb, and Phil at Forte-press.

Jul 26 – Aug 07, 2021
WPCodeBox lifetime license won by: Sandy Wiles, Ryan Waterbury, and Grant Snelling.

Jul 05 – July 17, 2021
Fluent Forms Pro single site license won by: Charlie Moss, Stacey from Swishit, Ben Townsend, Raju from TechPP, and Lawrence Ladomery.

Jun 28 – Jul 03, 2021
OliverPOS annual Pro Subscription($468) won by Eric Gracieta from brockwayproduction.

Jun 07-20, 2021
Dark Mode Plugin three winners of Ultimate licenses ($99) are: Lloyd from finaltouchlab, Michele Bedin, and Craig Paterson from Cohorts by Design.

May 10-22, 2021
FilterWP Plugin PRO License ($99) won by Keri Ritenour.

Jan – Feb 06, 2021
PeachPay App exclusive access to the service, multiple conversions.